ICON Clinical Research Senior Recruitment Consultant DOCs in Warsaw, Poland


Skilled consultant and representative for clients and candidates. Consults with clients about execution of operational and specialist, managerial, tactical and strategic positions. Focus on fulfillment of assignments and continuance of repeated business. Proactively develops and sustains a network of candidates and dedicated clients. Knows where to find how to attract and how to sell candidates.

Freedom to plan own activities based on defined end-results. Makes decisions on the best approach for assignments based on own knowledge and experience. Works under supervision of the Recruitment Manager/Business Director and within internal guidelines.


· Take a full and comprehensive job order according to the internal checklist/procedures to ensure a full and complete understanding of a client’s staffing need, its context and the difficulty/feasibility of the assignment.

· Establish a project plan and set timelines for the dedicated assignment, in line with client requirements and in consultation with the direct / functional manager, in such a way that project steps and accountabilities are clear and expectations regarding the project can be communicated and fine-tuned with the client.

· Identify, search and select candidates, by searching the databases, gathering names from own network or by headhunting candidates and assess candidates by interviewing, in line with characteristics as defined in the Job order, in order to be able to make the best match between the candidate, the job, the staffing need and the client organization.

· Introduce the candidates to the client organization, arrange interviews, keep candidates and clients up-to-date about the process and outcomes, as well as counsel and coach the client organization and the candidates during this process, in order to be optimally informed about the process and to be able to ensure a positive outcome.

· Coordinate the process of offering and negotiating between the selected candidate and client organization, as well as coach the candidate through the resignation process, in line with legal requirements, aimed at securing the placement.

· Coordinate the formulation of the (standard) CP contracts by Human Resources, as well as coordinate the signing of the contracts by client, (candidate) and (European) Business Director, in line with internal guidelines and legal requirements, to ensure that contracts are established within the best possible terms and signed by the relevant parties.

· Give guidance to the candidate and client organization before and during the (contract) placement, evaluate the services provided by DOCS and keep in contact with candidate and client, in order to contribute to the satisfaction of and successful cooperation between client and candidate.

· Document all relevant market, client, candidate and contract data in the database, in accordance with internal guidelines and legal requirements, in such way that relevant information is correct and available at all times.

· Develop and maintain a network of candidates, as well as excellent relationships with dedicated clients, in collaboration with the direct / functional manager, in order to expand and maintain the database and support acquisition of new candidates, clients and assignments.