The Nielsen Company Enterprise Sales Operations Manager (Innovation) in Poland

Enterprise Sales Operations Manager - Innovation

About the job:

The ESO Manager is someone who can be the voice of the Innovation sales team, relied on by all, has high visibility and engagement, and is a most critical support for the everyday success of a diverse group of 40 Innovation Business Partners across all Growth & Emerging markets.

Working closely alongside the ESO Leader, the job is to promote the Sales team in the fullest by championing the Enterprise Sale Process and understand how each stage leads to selling success. Act as “prospecting ambassador” and encourage teams to establish a broad pipeline of potential opportunities based on active selling and outreach activities, providing guidance along the way.

ESO Manager should be completely fluent in the suite of Innovation solutions including comprehension of the mechanics of analysis through what is delivered to customers as the end result. They should know who our clients are, their business needs, and how Innovation helps drive their growth.

As a Manager your responsibilities will be to:

  • Implement of best practices,

  • Develop the communications and campaigns plan,

  • Look at best practices from outside that can be adapted and adopted by us, .

  • Help develop tools that could facilitate IBPs and sales leaders to plan and manage revenue,

  • Analyse data across markets and IBPs to establish learnings/best practices and opportunity areas. Work with ESO lead to guide sales leaders on potential opportunities to grow revenue

  • Support the administration of SalesForce set-up, including personnel changes, maintaining reports and dashboards as needed and creating relevant data sets in order to extract meaningful trends and insights.

  • Liaise with local and global SalesForce administrators to stay connected on updates, software enhancements, and be able to respond timely. Train and enlist support of sales team members in order to delegate as needed (local champions).

  • Organize and execute Local marketing campaign efforts to the appropriate audiences by partnering with a Local market team sales member, and for Globally run campaigns, liaise with the global marketing team as needed.

  • Be able to consult and provide assistance for the Innovation pricing strategy across various solutions, for all Growth and Emerging market clusters and participate in new solution discussions and roll-out to represent the perspective from Growth and Emerging markets.


  • Several working years of experience in related field of marketing research, consumer behavior, project management, etc. / experience in sales or selling marketing solutions a bonus.

  • High technical ability and attention to detail is required. Experience using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is preferred

  • Able to utilize simple graphic editing tools to create engaging / informative documents and images. Knowing basic HTML is a plus but certainly not required

  • Strong sense of social selling and how to incorporate social media such as LinkedIn and G in support of the teams and business

  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal, along with proactive nature to take charge when needed and distribute information most effectively across team hierarchy as appropriate.

  • Must be mid-level to advanced-level of experience using Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets and Microsoft Powerpoint / Google Slides and all associated Google tools

  • Fluent English

  • Ideal team player with a humble, hungry, smart attitude